Hannah’s Tree

Hannah’s Tree – ebook available on Amazon from 1st November 2013.

The original story Hannah’s Tree was written in a couple of days, it just flowed. This was the wrong way round really because it then needed serious research – about trees and technical building issues – that sort of thing, over many months.

My inspiration came from when I chose to buy a chalet in France. The chalet is a perfect design and location, it is situated in a forest, halfway up a mountain with a troglodyte village at the top, fascinating.

Sadly an oak tree had to be chopped down to facilitate the erection of the chalet. A prayer was offered at the time but the felling of the tree was an event I regretted enormously. It is from this experience that I came to write the story of Hannah’s Tree. The story in French, L’arbre d’Hannah, is also available.

The book is now in print and is available from me. Please send an email to englishrosesailor@yahoo.co.uk and I’ll respond with payment information.


Miller aged 8 from London said:
‘Hannah is a little girl full of determination, she is determined to not let her favourite tree be cut down. It was very sweet and I loved the way she wanted to save up money to save the tree. The illustrations were great! Yummy cake! If I had to make the same choice as Hannah I would definitely do it.’

Rosie aged 10 from Ireland wrote:
‘I love to hug trees too and you can sort of hear them whispering to you. I read Hannah’s Tree on my new kindle.’

Elizabeth aged 7 from London said:
‘I loved the story, especially the bits about dogs. I hope Hannah has more adventures.’

Aimee aged 8 from Ireland said:
‘I thought the end of the story was the best, it was very thoughtful and uplifting.’