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BLOG No 9 – March 2022

It’s March 2022 already and more personal adventures are in the pipeline!

In May I shall be relocating to Ireland where I shall be building a log cabin on my daughter’s land. The lovely rural setting will soothe my ageing soul but the fabulous Irish joie de vivre will stimulate me to write more fantasy stories for children. I look forward to reading again in primary schools and doing literary workshops with the children. This was such fun work in England – I just hope the young ones can understand my strange foreign English accent – but more importantly, that I can understand them!

Mollymou is my latest rescue dog so maybe some stories will evolve around her wonderful dachshund personality – by the way, ‘mou’ is the Greek word for ‘love’.

Watch this space…


BLOG No 8 – January 2021
Tom’s Seaside Holiday, written during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, in memory of the shutdown, but also the triumph of humans rising above crisis, with creativity and hope. Read more here


BLOG No 7  So perhaps more people will learn that Ebooks are environmentally friendly – no trees need to be felled in order to make paper – I like this idea and want to pass it on for consideration by everyone else. I would love to know if this is an issue being discussed by environment and conservation groups?


BLOG No 6  Whilst having lunch with a primary school teacher whose speciality is with 5 to 7 year olds, I discovered she was not aware that Ebooks can be shown on a white board for the whole class to enjoy together! I wonder how many other teachers are unaware of this marvellous development.  I see a whole group of children sitting close together, maybe in a circle, viewing a marvellous story or project with colour illustrations on a big scale. This would surely stimulate lots of discussion about the story – and maybe engender some thoughts about valuing our forests – and conservation issues in general. That element of sharing would be far more difficult to achieve sharing one huge picture book or many smaller ones.


BLOG No 5  So was born Hannah’s  Tree.  Hannah, although only eight years old, found a way to avoid her tree being cut down. How wise was she –  that there is always a way to avoid destruction. This lesson turned my life around and one I want to pass on…


BLOG no 4
Before the chalet could be erected on the site I chose, a decision had to be made. An old oak tree precluded the underfloor waste and other pipes being placed where they were needed. The area was very exact and no alternative placing could be selected. A decision had to be made – yes, the tree had to be destroyed. I felt dreadfully guilty about this and though a prayer was offered at the time of felling, this just wasn’t enough.


BLOG no 3  After the Big Adventure, life needed livening up a bit so I decided to buy a small chalet in Provence, France, where the air is always dry; my lungs liked this!


BLOG No 2  The Big Adventure, as it has always been known, gave much fodder for fun anecdotes with some lovely and evocative photos. A new career as a Speaker evolved – always lively with much laughing and audience participation, a sort of ‘no holds barred’ type of event.


BLOG no 1  Starting at the beginning … Adventures have always featured high in my life and it was no surprise to my family and friends when I took early retirement to sail round the world in a small yacht (34′ is small), just skipper and me! In the event, for various personal reasons, I jumped ship after 4 years. But such marvellous memories caused me to create a novel, based on places visited but with fictional – and often very naughty – characters. So Sunset Breezer was born. Because of the rauchy element of my story, I wrote under the nom de plume, Rosie Austen – Jane would have been appalled…