Tiny Tales – Full Circle

Tiny Tails – Full Circle, is the last book in this quadrilogy (a newly found word) of stories. Tiny and Laddie are now an item and their union brings the stories full circle and to a  joyful conclusion. We (Issy and I) will miss creating these characters but all good things must come to an end …

Please contact me if you would like me to visit your school and read these stories to the young ones – we always have a lot of fun.

Issy Humphrey has enchanted us with beautiful visual personalities and it has been such a pleasure working with her. I’m proud to say that her Tiny Tails work has featured in her portfolio and she has gone from strength to strength in her studies. However, before she goes to Mars, Issy has just started a Fine Arts degree course at Goldsmiths.

These book is now in print and are available from me. Please send an email to englishrosesailor@yahoo.co.uk and I’ll respond with payment information.