Tiny Tales – Summer

Tiny Tails – Summer – the second story in the series of four, is being featured at the Wealth of Wiltshire exhibition. It is a grittier tale than the first with some nasty heart-stopping moments, perhaps even some life tips for humans and dogs! The characters are the same but the story follows Tiny’s progression through puppyhood to young adult.

I have been reading my stories in Primary schools locally. This has been a huge success with each child being given a book by the school. After the reading there is a workshop with reviews and lots of input from the young ones. The interest and interaction with the children is always amazing and, for the author, totally rewarding and great fun.

The book is now in print and is available from me. Please send an email to englishrosesailor@yahoo.co.uk and I’ll respond with payment information.

Cinnamon Trust is the animal rescue organisation from where the original and wonderful little dog, Tiny, came. She is the inspiration for all the stories so the Trust forms the Dedication for the stories.

This is the real Tiny – my inspiration

Rosie has won two literary awards since embarking on the adventure of writing.

Many books have been sold during Speaker evenings, Festivals and local fetes.