Tom’s Seaside Holiday

Tom’s Seaside Holiday was written during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, in memory of the shutdown, but also the triumph of humans rising above crisis, with creativity and hope.

A competition was created for Primary age children to draw a beach scene to be used as the book’s front cover. The winner was Charli Sevious. Age: 10.

Runners up were: Zuzanna Kapelka Age: 8, nearly 9 and Amelia Rose Yeoman Age: 8.

Tom is a lad aged 8½ who is on holiday at the seaside staying with his favourite auntie. He spends his afternoons on the beach poking around rock pools, swimming and having fun – but wait and see what happens when his exciting Big Adventure starts and he finds more than you could ever imagine! You will just have to read the book to know more! 

The book is in print and is available from me. Please send an email to and I’ll respond with payment information.

Story Illustrations by Issy Humphrey. Email: